Maths Diagnostic Tests

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MEX Team June 6, 2024


Before beginning your maths functional skills course, taking a diagnostic assessment can be extremely beneficial. Pass Functional Skills offers free diagnostic tests for both maths and English to help learners determine whether level 1 or level 2 is more suitable for them. Throughout the course, so learners can track their progress, providing a clear view of their improvement.

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Diagnostic Assessment – Maths

Pass Functional Skills provides a free initial assessment and a subject knowledge assessment to help learners identify their starting level and areas that need improvement. Learn more about these assessments below:

Initial Assessment

We recommend having a go at this assessment before starting the maths functional skills course. It consists of questions of varying difficulty across all topics. your initial level is determined by the number of questions you answer correctly, with each question weighted based on its difficulty. Upon completion, learners receive an initial level, this then suggests an appropriate course for enrolment.

Subject Knowledge Assessment

In addition to the initial assessment, Pass Functional Skills have a subject knowledge assessment, giving learners a deeper insight into areas needing focus. The test covers the entire course, highlighting topics that require improvement. After the test, learners receive a list of recommended topics. Focusing revision on these topics will help learners make rapid progress.

Current Level

Following their enrolment on the course, learners can track their progress using the current level feature. This provides up-to-date analysis of the learner’s performance, allowing them to see their improvement throughout the course. The initial level serves as a starting point, and current level is calculated with scores from practice questions and topic tests. When a learner’s current level exceeds 2.5, they are ready to sit their exam.

ESFA Funding

It is an ESFA requirement to carry out an assessment of current level for those apprentices who do not have evidence of prior attainment of level 2 maths and English qualifications. These assessments must be carried out using tools based on the national literacy and numeracy standards and core curriculum, as stated by the ESFA funding rules. The Pass Functional Skills diagnostics tests help training providers to meet these requirements without incurring any cost.


While the initial assessment results guide learners toward the appropriate level course, it doesn’t mean they must sit that level. A learner may be advised to enrol on the level 1 course but needs level 2. Essentially, it means that this learner might need to spend a bit more time on the course. To become exam-ready, learners should complete all their recommended topics from the subject knowledge assessment. In particular, ensuring they have revised their weaker areas.

Maths Diagnostic Tests

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