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A level 2 qualification in English can help open new doors, whether it be employment, and apprenticeship or university. MME Exams are here to make booking your exam as easy as possible. Find out more about how you can get your functional skills English level 2 online.

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What is functional skills English level 2?

English language functional skills level 2 is a qualification that can allow you to get into university or an apprenticeship as it is a GCSE equivalent qualification. Having a level 2 qualification in English shows proficiency in comprehension, critical thinking and communication, among other important skills employers and universities look for.

What is level 2 English equivalent to?

A level 2 English functional skills qualification is equivalent to a grade C/4 at GCSE. Universities and employers accept functional skills as an equivalent qualification to GCSE. Functional skills exams are run year round, while GCSEs can only be sat at 2 points throughout the year. This makes level 2 qualifications much more convenient and accessible than GCSEs.

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Functional Skills English Level 2 Exam

All our exams are sat online, this means you can sit your functional skills English level 2 exam from the comfort of your own home. The English language functional skills level 2 qualification includes 3 different components which are all sat as separate exams. These are reading, writing and speaking, listening and communication (SLC). The reading and writing exams are an hour each and are typically sat back to back in the same exam slot. The SLC is sat on another day, for this exam you are required to make a presentation on a topic that you are sent a week before. You will need to discuss the topic with other learners on the exam.

  • 3 exams to get the level 2 qualification in English.

  • All exams sat online - choose from several time slots each day, Monday-Saturday, year round.

  • Use your level 2 English qualification to get into uni or onto an apprenticeship!

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Functional Skills English Level 2 Course

Pass Functional Skills’ level 2 English course contains all the content you will need to know to pass your exam. Everything is split up by the 3 exams so you can focus your revision on what you will need to know for each specific exam.

Each exam section is split up into smaller topics. These contain video tutorials to help you understand the content you will need to know and walk you through how to use it in the exam. There are also lots of practice questions, they are a series of multiple choice questions to help you test what you have learnt from the revision videos. You will also find topic tests throughout the course, these contain more exam-style questions. Some of the questions require long-form answers that are marked automatically by AI, giving you feedback on your answers straight away.

  • Revision and questions for each topic.

  • Diagnostic tests to help you get started.

  • Pass Functional Skills' English level 2 course is suitable across all exam boards.

  • Mock exams marked by an AI system, with instant feedback and marks

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English Functional Skills Level 2 Qualification


Diagnostic Assessments

The best way to start our level 2 English course is by having a go at the diagnostic tests. These will give you an idea of the level you are starting at, as well as the topics you need to focus your revision on.



Each topic in the course contains revision video tutorials talking you through what you need to know about that topic for the exam.


Practice Questions

Within each topic you will find practice questions, these are multiple choice questions to test your understanding of what you have learnt in the revision section.


Topic Tests

Topic tests are more exam-style questions. Within the topic tests you will find some questions that require longer answers, these are marked by our AI, Dr Clive, and give you immediate feedback on your answer.


Mock Exams

There are lots of mock exams included in the course. These follow the style of the real thing, with the first questions starting with lower marks and the mark building throughout. Again these are marked by AI.


Booking in for your exam

When you are getting above 60% on mock exams consistently, you should be ready to sit your exam. You can select dates for your exams through your shop account, if you haven’t already chosen dates.


The Exams

Your reading and writing exams will each be an hour long, they are sat one after the other in a 2 hour exam slot. The SLC will last around 2 hours. For each exam, your invigilator will send you a link to join 30-10 minutes before the start of your exam.


Getting Your Certificate

When you have sat an exam, it can take up to 10 working days to receive results. You will need to pass all 3 exams before you can receive your certificate. This will be sent via email and then a physical copy will follow through the post.

Level 2 Functional Skills English FAQs

Here we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the English language functional skills level 2 qualification.

The level 2 English and maths are two separate qualifications. You can sit both of these with MME Exams, click here to find out more about maths level 2.

Results can take up to 10 working days to be released, however this is often shorter.

Yes, functional skills qualifications are extremely popular with adults because the exams are sat year round. This means you can sit your exam whenever is best for you.

The level 2 qualification in English has less content than a GCSE. We recommend spending around 50 hours using the course to ensure you are ready for your exam. This can however differ from learner to learner.

For the reading and writing components the pass mark is usually around 55-60%, it is useful to make sure you have got this mark in a few mock exams to make sure you are prepared.

The SLC is slightly different and is graded a pass or fail. You must hit each merking point, there are 10, to pass the exam.

Because English level 2 is equivalent to a GCSE, universities will accept it as a GCSE equivalent qualification. It may be worth checking with your university before booking.

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