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Book your Maths and English GCSE Resits for November 2024 today. Other subjects are available for May/June 2025. Anyone who needs to retake GCSEs can book resit exams, whether you have just left school or are an adult learner. This page contains everything you need to know about your resit GCSE exams.

GCSE Resit Exams

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How do I retake GCSE Exams?

1. Register for your Exam

If you are looking at resitting GCSEs you can book your exams today through MME Exams. Our one time fee covers everything from the initial booking, your exam centre fees, and your certificate. If you are resitting Maths and English GCSEs you can book in for November 2024, other subjects have dates available in May/June 2025.

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2. Study for your GCSE Resit

After booking your exam, if you are resitting Maths and English GCSEs, or Science or Biology GCSEs, you can sign up for one of Pass My GCSE’s resit courses. These online courses are fully comprehensive, they include everything you need to revise and study for your GCSE resits. Increase your chances of passing with revision notes, practice questions, exam-style questions, and full mock exams. Check your results with our full solution sets for every question.

The online GCSE courses are all designed to be fully compatible with the specification of the exam board of your choice. You can study in your own time, whenever and wherever works for you.

Online GCSE Courses

3. Take your GCSE Resit

When exam day comes you will sit your exam in person as a private candidate, at a local exam centre. There is currently not an option to take your resit GCSE online. We will confirm the date, time and location of your exam well in advance, to allow you to focus purely on your revision. If you do not pass your resit you can retake it as many times as you wish, however you may prefer to pursue an alternative equivalent qualification, such as Functional Skills Level 2 Exams or GCSE Equivalency Tests.

GCSE Resits

Why book GCSE Resits with MME Exams?


Ofqual Regulated

All GCSE resit exams that we offer are fully Ofqual regulated, therefore they will be accept by the majority of employers, further education providers and universities.


Wide Range of Subjects

Whether you are looking to retake Maths and English GCSEs, or looking for a wider range of subjects, we’ve got you covered, currently offering exams for over 10 different subjects.


GCSE Retake for Adults

Our exams are suitable for learners of all ages, including adults! You can register for these exams as a first time candidate, or for a resit.


Friendly Support

Our team will support you throughout the process, from the very beginning where we can help you pick the right option for your situation right up until you take your GCSE resit exam.


No Hidden Costs

Our prices are transparent, what you see at checkout is what you will pay, there are no hidden fees added later on.


State of the Art Courses

Not only do we offer exams, but we also provide some of the best online GCSE courses for Maths, English, Science and Biology.

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Speak to one of our experts on 020 8163 2020 and they will be able to guide you through the process

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FAQs about Resitting GCSEs

Can I retake Maths and English GCSE online?

While both Maths and English GCSE courses through Pass My GCSE are online, there is no option to do a resit GCSE online> You must sit the exam in person, under exam conditions. If you require a qualification with an online exam you could consider booking a GCSE Equivalency Test, which is equivalent to a full GCSE, or a Functional Skills Level 2 Exam, which is equivalent to a Grade 4/C in a GCSE.

When will my GCSE Resit exams take place?

If you are looking at Maths or English then there are November 2024 GCSE resits available. Other subjects, such as History, Business, and Science have exams available in May/June 2025.

Are these GCSE Retakes for 16 Year Olds?

Learners of all ages can book onto our resit GCSE exams, no matter if you are an adult returning to education or a 16 year old just out of school. We can recommend Pass My GCSE’s Online GCSE Courses for learners who are returning to education for the first time in a while, these provide comprehensive materials to help you pass your exam.

Is it worth resitting Maths and English GCSEs?

A common minimum requirement for many jobs, courses and universities is at least a Grade 4/C in Maths and English GCSEs. If you have not attained these grades then it is worth resitting Maths and English GCSEs. More specialised jobs and courses sometimes require at minimum of Grade 4/C in other GCSEs as well, such as Science or Biology, it could be worth it to retake GCSEs in these subjects as well. We offer a wide range of GCSE exams which you can resit.

How should I revise for resitting my GCSEs?

Pass My GCSE offer GCSE resit courses for various subjects, including Maths and English. These courses are fully comprehensive, providing you with everything you need to feel confident of passing your exam when the day comes.

Can I retake GCSEs more than once?

There is no limit to resitting GCSE exams. You can resit any GCSE exam as many times as you need to pass. However it might be worth considering whether there are other, more appropriate options for you. If you only require a grade 4/C in your Maths and English exam you could consider taking a Functional Skills Level 2 qualification instead, which is a full equivalent to this. A full equivalent to a GCSE, offered for Maths, English, Science and Biology, are the GCSE Equivalency Tests, provided by A Star Equivalency.

Are there November GCSE resits 2024?

You can resit GCSE exams in the summer of each year, usually in May or June. Alternatively, for Maths and English, you may look at booking in your exam for November.

Are there GCSE retakes for adults?

Our GCSE exams are suitable for learners of all ages, including adult learners looking at resitting GCSEs, or learners taking them for the first time.

We Work with Many Exam Boards to Provide GCSE Resits

Are there any GCSE equivalent qualifications?

If you are looking to resit maths and English GCSE exams, then you may want to consider an equivalent qualification, such as a functional skills level 2 qualification, or a GCSE equivalency test. Both have their own benefits, with the main benefits over a GCSE for both being that they can be taken online, at multiple timeslots throughout the year.

You can take either a maths or English functional skills instead of your GCSE resit. The level 2 qualifications are accepted by all major UK universities, apprenticeship providers and employers as equivalent to a grade 4 or C. The qualifications are more accessible than a traditional GCSE, as there is less content to learn and the exam questions are usually based on real world scenarios. If you are looking for an adult GCSE exam at grade 4 level, then the functional skills may be a better option.

Alternatively, you can take a GCSE equivalency exam in maths, English, science or biology. These are shorter than traditional GCSE exams, and you can achieve higher than a grade 4 too, so are ideal for learners looking for those higher grades. These are accepted by the majority of UK universities and providers, and are generally the best option for pursuing a career in teaching.

Functional Skills Equivalency