A Level Resits

Book onto your A Level resit exams for Summer 2025 today. MME Exams offer Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology A Level exams, no matter if you are a school age student or an adult learner returning to education. All the information you need about A Level Resits is included on this page.

A Level Physics

A Level Chemistry

A Level Biology

A Level Maths

How do I take an A Level Resit?

1. Make an A Level Exam Booking

MME Exams offers A Level resits for Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry. If you book as as an A Level Private Candidate for Physics, Chemistry or Biology you need to take the practical assessment as well as the exam. You can book this through us if you would like, you can also arrange this privately. The next available exams for all of the A Levels we offer are in Summer 2025.

2. Study for your A Level Resit Exam

After making your A Level exam booking (and practical assessments for the science courses) you will have to study to prepare for it. Whilst we do not currently offer any online A Level courses we can point you to some free revision resources available on MME Revise. If you are sitting one of the science exams then you will have to sit your practical assessments at some point before taking the exam. If you have booked these through us we will handle the arrangements for you, otherwise you will have to organise these yourself.

3. Sit your Exam

When the day of your exam comes you will sit the exam as an A Level Private Candidate, your exam will be held at a local exam centre, likely to be a nearby school or college. There is no option to take your exam online at this time. Our team will be in touch well in advance of the exam to confirm the time, date, and location with you, allowing you to focus solely on your preparation. If you do not pass your resit the first time around you can book one for the following year with us if you so desire.

Register for an A Level Exam

Or speak to one of our experts on 020 8163 2020 and they will be able to guide you through the process

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Why book A Level resits with MME Exams?


Official Qualification

We only offer official qualifications. The private A Level exams we offer are the same as the ones you would take in a school or college. The A Level you obtain if you pass will be accepted by the majority of employers, apprenticeship courses, and universities.


Practical Assessments Included

For the three science A Levels we do not only offer the exams but we also give you the option of booking your practical assessments through us as well, saving you the time and stress of having to organise these yourself.


Friendly Support

You will be supported throughout the entire process, from the very beginning where we can help you pick the right option for yourself right through until you take your A Level resit exam.


No Hidden Costs

We operate a transparent pricing structure, there are no hidden fees or costs. The only price you will pay is the one shown at checkout of your A level exam booking.


A Level Resits for Adults

We encourage learners of all ages to book their exams through us, including adults returning to education. It does not matter if you are taking these exams for the first time or if you need to resit an exam as an A Level private candidate.


Low Cost

We operate a competitive pricing scheme, allowing us to keep our prices as low as possible. We offer some of the lowest cost private A Level exams on the market.

FAQs about A Level Resits

Can I resit my A Level exams online?

You cannot take A Level exams online, whether taking them for the first time or resitting them. The in person exams will take place at an A Level private candidate exam centre, this will likely be a school or college in your area.

When will my A Level resits happen?

A Level exams are scheduled in the Summer of every year. The next available exams that we can book you onto will take place in May or June of 2025. Exact dates are currently unknown. You should aim to have booked your exam about 6 months before the date it takes place, this would be around December. The Practical Assessments for the 3 Science A Levels will take place before the exams.

Are these A Level resit exams for adults?

We welcome learners of all ages who want to register for their A Level exams with us, whether they are school-age students or adult learners. We accept people who are resitting their A Levels, and also those who are taking their exams for the first time.

Is it worth resitting an A Level?

If you did not achieve the grade you wanted or needed in order to progress in one of your A Levels then it could be worth resitting that exam. Most higher education providers, including universities, will have minimum entry requirements, increasing your grade in your A Levels could help you meet those. Better A Levels will also increase your job prospects.

How should I revise for resitting my A Levels?

We are happy to recommend the revision resources that you can find on MME. These include revision notes, examples, and practice questions for each subject.

Are these A Levels the same as those I would get from a school or college?

Yes, the private A Level exams that we offer provide you with the same qualification as you would get by taking an A Level with a school or college.