Learner Information Form

This is the Learner Information Form. Fill in all required fields.

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Learner Information Form

1 Learner Details

This should be the details for someone to call during the exam, should we need to. This should not be the learner's contact details.

2Learner Current Address

3 Learner Previous Address 1

4Learner Previous Address 2 (Optional)

5Learner Identification Document


This must be one of the following:

  • A valid Passport (any Nationality)
  • A signed UK photocard driving license
  • A valid warrant card issued by HM Forces or the Police
  • UK biometric residence permit

6 Learner Identification Document (Back)

If you are uploading a Residence Permit, you must upload the back of this document as well

7 Reasonable Adjustment

Would you classify yourself as a vulnerable adult? *

Do you need Reasonable Adjustments (RA)? *

Reasonable Adjustments requested:

† Reasonable adjustments are changes which can be made to the examination procedure if your disability or physical or mental health puts you at a substantial disadvantage compared with others learners.

You would be required to provide proof of a medically diagnosable condition (such as dyslexia etc) that warrants additional time/reader/scribe/another adjustment.

If you are at all unsure about this please email [email protected]