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If you are trying to locate a nearby Functional Skills centre in Derby, or looking for functional skills courses, we’re happy to help.  We aid students of all ages in finding the right Level 2 Maths and English Functional Skills course in Derby and nearby areas.

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Introduction to Functional Skills Derby

Functional Skills Level 2 qualifications in Maths and English are often needed by employers and universities as they are equivalent to a grade C/4 in your GCSEs. These Ofqual-approved qualifications can open the door to many different courses and apprenticeships if you did not achieve success in your GCSEs. Get into many fields, spanning from policing, teaching and nursing. These exams are available at any time during the year, unlike GCSEs. This allows you to choose when you take your exam, finding a time both when you feel ready and before any application deadlines you might have. Additionally, Functional Skills exam will generally be processed and marked faster than GCSEs.

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Functional Skills Level 2 Courses

Our Functional Skills Level 2 online courses comprehensively cover the government specifications. The course is subdivided into small sections, allowing you to progress through topics individually and move at you own pace. Containing numerous revision resources and practice questions, these Maths and English Level 2 online course are designed to provide you with everything you need to pass your exam.

The online nature of our courses allow you to be flexible with your learning, you can teach yourself the material at your own speed, and focus specifically on the topics you are weakest on. The courses are designed with the expectation that it takes you about 50 hours to complete, however this is just an estimate, if you feel you need to spend more time on it then you can do so.

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Functional Skills Level 2 Online Course

Book your Functional Skills Level 2 online exams with MME Exams and you can achieve the entire qualification from your own home. We work with many exam boards, including Open Awards and City & Guilds to offer these Ofqual-regulated exams. Your online exam will be overseen by a remote invigilator to ensure smooth proceedings.

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Functional Skills Derby FAQs

Many local schools and colleges will offer Functional Skills courses for you to enrol in. If you would prefer you can take one of our market-leading online courses. These are convenient, they offer fully online, remote, flexible learning and materials, and comprehensive, including all necessary resources for study and preparing for the Functional Skills online exam.

You can book your exam in a Functional Skills exam centre, Derby based or otherwise. Alternatively, we can organise and invigilate an online exam for you, allowing you to focus solely on your revision to help you pass the exam.

Absolutely! Functional Skills qualifications are required for many different employers and courses, and so are available for people of all backgrounds, whether they are adult learners or not. You do not need to meet any entry requirements, so you can take these qualifications without worrying about previous exam or tests.

Our courses are designed to match the specifications of all major exam boards. The Level 2 Curriculum is set by the government, this means that all specifications across all exams are largely consistent.