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If you’re looking for a functional skills course in Bournemouth or a nearby Functional Skills centre, we’re here to help. We assist learners of all ages in finding suitable Level 2 Maths and English Functional Skills courses in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas.

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Introduction to Functional Skills Bournemouth

Functional Skills Level 2 qualifications in Maths and English are frequently vital for accessing diverse further education courses or job opportunities, comparable to achieving a Grade 4/C in GCSEs. These Ofqual-approved certifications can unlock pathways to various fulfilling career paths and apprenticeships, such as in nursing, teaching, and policing, particularly beneficial for individuals who haven’t passed their GCSEs. Unlike GCSEs, which have limited exam dates, Functional Skills exams are available year-round, offering flexibility in scheduling. Additionally, Functional Skills exams are typically processed and graded more efficiently than GCSEs.

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Functional Skills Level 2 Courses

Our online Level 2 Functional Skills courses provide thorough coverage of all government specifications. The course is segmented into manageable sections, enabling you to advance through each topic at your preferred pace. Equipped with ample revision materials and practice questions, these Level 2 Maths and English courses are tailored to equip you with the essential tools for exam success.

Delivered entirely online, our courses offer flexible study options. You can navigate through the content at your preferred speed, allocating extra time to challenging subjects as needed. While we suggest around 50 hours of study, this is simply a guideline, and you’re encouraged to take as much time as necessary.

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Schedule your online Functional Skills Level 2 exams with MME Exams and sit them conveniently from your home. We collaborate with multiple exam boards, such as Open Awards and City & Guilds, to offer these Ofqual-regulated qualifications. Your online exam will be remotely supervised by one of our invigilators to ensure seamless proceedings.
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Functional Skills Bournemouth FAQs

Local schools and colleges in your area likely provide Functional Skills courses for enrolment. Alternatively, you can opt for our convenient and comprehensive online learning programs, equipped with all the necessary resources for effective preparation for your Functional Skills Maths or English online exams.


You can book your exam in a Functional Skills exam centre, Bournemouth based or otherwise. If preferred, we can coordinate an online exam for you, supervised by a remote invigilator. This enables you to concentrate solely on the vital objective—successfully passing the exam!

Indeed! Functional Skills qualifications are highly sought after by numerous employers and further education programs, rendering these exams appropriate for learners of all ages, including adults. With no prerequisite qualifications required, you can pursue these exams without concern about your educational background.
Our Functional Skills courses adhere to the standards established by prominent exam boards. The government-mandated Level 2 Curriculum ensures uniformity across all exam board specifications.