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MME Exams are here to help you achieve the qualification you need, whether you need to get onto an apprenticeship course, get into University, or improve employment prospects. We offer any exam you need, including GCSE resits, Functional Skills Exams, GCSE Equivalency, and A Level resits.

Functional Skills

Level 2 Qualifications Equivalent to a Grade 4 in Maths & English.

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GCSE Retake

Retake a full GCSE Qualification in Any Subject.

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A Level Resit

Resit Your Maths, Biology, Chemistry or Physics A Level.

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What We Do

Book your GCSE resits, Functional Skills exams, GCSE Equivalency exams and A Level resits all in one place through MME Exams. As well as organising the exams for you, we also offer the all support and resources you need to help you prepare, whether that be through an online course or tuition. Exam bookings through MME Exams are offered at a competitive market rate and we offer excellent service throughout the process, ensuring you are supported throughout the entire process.

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MME Exams provide the exams needed for learners to improve their job prospects, get into University, or gain access onto apprenticeship courses. Book in for a Functional Skills exam, GCSE resit, Equivalency, or an A level resit. Take the next steps towards success.

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Why Choose the MME Exams Service?


Universally Recognised

All of the exams we provide are recognised and accepted across the UK by employers, Universities and apprenticeship providers.


Friendly Support

Our friendly team ensure all of our learners receive the support they need, and will advise you on the best option for you.


Excellent Service

We provide an excellent service from start to finish, from the point at booking in, up to your exam.


Online Courses

Our online courses are designed to include everything that is needed to prepare for you exam, for each subject and exam board.


Low Cost Exams

Our pricing structure ensures that our exams are one of the most competitive on the market.


Easy Booking

All of our exams can be booked quickly and easily online, through our dedicated exam booking pages for each qualification and subject.

Exam Boards We Work With


If you are wanting to sit the full traditional GCSE qualification, then this will need to be done at a local test centre and cannot be done online anywhere. We can arrange all of this for you. If you do not require a full GCSE, then alternatively you could take a functional skills level 2 qualification in maths or English, which is equivalent to a grade 4 or C at GCSE, or you could sit a GCSE equivalency test in maths, English, science or biology.

GCSE exams are sat twice a year for maths and English language (Summer and November), or just once in the summer for all other subjects.

If you need your GCSE or equivalent qualification sooner, then you can take a functional skills exam or equivalency test, which can be taken all year round, and have a much shorter wait time for results.

A level exams are taken just once a year, in May or June of each year.

All of our qualifications are officially recognised by Universities, employers and training providers across the UK. If you are unsure which type of qualification it is you need, then feel free to email us on [email protected] or call 020 3633 5145.

THE GCSE equivalency tests are an alternative to a GCSE, which are recognised by the majority of courses and Universities across the UK as a GCSE equivalent, and are primarily taken for learners looking to get into teaching or nursing.

You can take a GCSE equivalency in Maths, English, Science or Biology.

Yes, you can book in an A level maths resit exam with MME exams, in maths, biology, chemistry or physics.

Yes, we do! We provide online courses for functional skills maths and English, as well as GCSE maths, English and science.

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